…providing my John Hancock

Please go to this website: http://ldsapology.org/ and sign the letter. I have attached the letter from the website if you cannot go to the url or if you do not wish to sign. They need all the signatures they can get.

“A Plea for Reconciliation

“There is a saying that to understand is to forgive, but that is an error,. . . .You must forgive in order to understand. Until you forgive you defend yourself against the possibility of understanding.” -Marilynne Robinson, Home (2008)

We the undersigned, in the spirit of love and peace, earnestly seek to create a climate for reconciliation between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gays and lesbians who have been affected by the policies, practices and politics of the Church. We recognize that issues surrounding sexuality and gender orientation are complex; that understanding of these matters has evolved, especially over the past several decades, and are continuing to evolve as scientists, therapists, theologians and others continue to explore and ponder their meaning and significance; We believe that people of good will may have differing views about homosexuality, while maintaining amicable relationships.

True reconciliation requires that parties on both sides of this issue be willing to honestly examine their attitudes, behaviors (including past behaviors), policies and practices—and be open to understanding, forgiveness (both asking for and accepting), and apology.

For individuals who have suffered or been forced to watch a loved one suffer mistreatment, misunderstanding, or demonization as a consequence of the LDS church’s official policies, actions, and teachings regarding sexual orientation, we understand that true reconciliation will require rejecting redress through hostility, will take time, and be a difficult process.

For Church leaders, reconciliation requires examining ways in which official statements, rhetoric, policy and practice have been injurious to gays and lesbians and their families and friends; have caused unnecessary pain and suffering, rejection, psychological and spiritual damage and even death. This means scrupulously acknowledging such practices as “reorientation”– reparative, revulsion, and shock-therapies; such teachings as homosexuality being an evil perversion, a condition that is chosen and changeable and one that can be overcome through fasting, prayer, sacrifice and heterosexual marriage; and using scriptures that are taken out of context, mistranslated or that are highly selective to condemn homosexuality. It also means to repudiate publicly circulated articles, essays, books, speeches, and conference addresses that have stereotyped or demonized gays and lesbians.

We believe that the time is right for healing over this issue to begin, for those on both sides to manifest forgiveness, magnanimity, and especially, love. We believe reconciliation requires us to strive for open hearts and minds so that we might live together in peace and mutual respect. It is long past time for those on both sides to begin treating one another with greater dignity, respect and understanding.”


3 Responses to “…providing my John Hancock”

  1. Hmm…I hesitate to sign this because I don’t think I’m ready to forgive Mormons, or any organized religion for that matter, for putting their ignorance and blind faith in the way of a social order based on knowledge and reason.

    Also, I’m not in the habit of forgiving anyone I have no reason to trust.

    • I read this blog several times and it is not sitting well with me at a core level. From what I am getting is that BOTH sides need to ask for forgivness??? Gays have not done anything hurtful that they need ot be forgiven for. So why should we put ourselves in what i see as a subserviant, self-depricating position for something that we have not done?

      It appears to me to be an attempt by Christian groups to twist / brainwash gays into beleiving that there is something fundamentally wrong with them that they need to be forgiven for.
      It is simalr to asking a slave to have seen the viewpoint of his master, and asking for forgiveness for being less than a full person…(slaves were considered 2/3 of a full human).

      For those of you quoting scripture, I am not a religious person but i know the fundamental tennants of a debate. And if scripture is going to be used to substantiate a point, it can easily be refuted when compared to anotehr line. In NO version of the New Testament did Jesus speak against homosexuality. Sooo it boggles my mind how ANY Christian group can use New Testament scripture, or Jesus to substantiate a claim.

  2. Thanks for the link..

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