…needing some popcorn.

Gay cinema has evolved since the late ’90s.  Most gay cinema used to be shot with a handheld (or shoulder mounted in those days) camera.  The acting reminds you of a bad high school musical, and the writing was done by a gay chimp randomly hitting a typewriter.  All in all, older gay cinema was a crap-shoot.  Some have become classics (Trick, Priscilla, Tu Wong Fu), but most are buried away in some VHS box. 


Since the advent of Netflix, my fiance and I have watched a lot more gay cinema.  TLA has created some of the best (and worst) movie we have seen.  Some are not the best quality and will not be winning any Oscars soon, but I am not bored by a romantic comedy between a guy that is cute and girl that is…well…a girl.  I can watch two guys courting, being cute, or living together and relate that to my life. 


When I first came out I can remember being surprised that gay cinema existed.  It is rarely on the front lines (like Brokeback Mountain).  Old school video stores usually scattered them into mainstream movies, and if you were not looking for them you could never find them.  To be honest, I also prided myself as a “normal” gay man who did not need gay cinema.  I was just going to fit in and watch mainstream movies. 


I have grown and changed from this thought.  I enjoy watching a movie that has no plot, but has a lot of gorgeous men talking about things.  Seriously, that is nice, but I also enjoy not having to replace the woman in the movie to be able to relate.  I like hearing characters say things to one another that I want my fiance to say to me (hint, hint…j/k).  I enjoy watching how we as a community portray and tackle issues. 


Tune in next post for a discussion on “fatherhood”.  Thanks for reading.  Don’t be shy about commenting.  I enjoy reading your feedback and thoughts.  Until next time…peace!


One Response to “…needing some popcorn.”

  1. what about lonely hearts club? i think i watched that with you! is that gay cinema?

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