…an editor I am not!

While you read my posts I am sure you have noticed a lot of grammar mistakes, misnomers, and general writing mistakes.  English as a language is one of the most difficult modern languages to learn its rules.  Our idioms and lack of rules make our language an enigma to those wishing to learn it.  With all of this being said, people have a horrible grasp of the English language.  Starting to commute and listening to NPR daily allows me to hear a lot normal people comment on a variety of topics. 


Coup pr0nouced “coop”

I am not sure if you heard, but the republicans in the NY Senate stage a coup with a few democrats and took over as the majority.  It has been a huge story this week on NPR.  A caller called in to discuss this situation.  He made some great points, but he ended by say “coop” instead of coup.  This made all of his arguments moot in my mind. 


“I almost went into cardiac duress…”

My next source just screams unreliable, but I need to discuss it.  I was watching MTV’s Real World/Road Rules something (I am not sure if it was Duel or Gauntlet) when one of the females said that she was so scared because needing to jump from a height.  She panted, grabbed her chest, and said that she almost went into cardiac duress.  When asked about this she reiterated that she almost had a heart attack.  One of the other contestants told her that it was cardiac “arrest” not duress.  She did not believe him.


This is important!

Speaking correctly and articulating yourself clearly is important.  We have all been in the situation where someone is speaking publicly and he or she cannot seem to get their point out.  We have all been in a conversation where someone cannot articulate their point and you want to scream.  The use of the wrong word can take a great argument and derail it.  A professional advertisement with a typo or grammar mistake makes me want to avoid ever utilizing that service. 


All in all, we could all benefit from a Word-A-Day calendar.  Do not rely on Microsoft Word to underline everything for you.  Stop and re-read emails, letters, and anything typed.  There are differences between “your” and “you’re”.  Stop and wonder who will read/hear this and choose your words carefully.  Best of luck navigating the English language!  Thanks for reading.  Please take a moment and correct my posts!  Take care!


cardiac duress

coop – coup


One Response to “…an editor I am not!”

  1. I do not appreciate posts about me like this! 😛

    Every word in every email I send from Outlook is properly spelled! Granted it may not be the right word because I spelled it so wrong it chose a different one.

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